Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 27
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The Game Is Afoot


                                                               He got too big for his boots
So he got the boot
And soon was down-in-the-heels
With two left feet.
He shot himself in the foot
And then put his foot in his mouth.

His feet of clay
Allowed the law to bring him to heel.
Then the county footed the bill
For a fine place
For him to cool his heels.
You wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

He had one foot in the grave
But got on his toes
And soon the shoe was on the other foot.
The jack-heels let him out
To toe the line
And to get back on his feet.

On the heels of his better lot
He found his feet,
Got his foot in the door,
And gained a foothold in a new business.
He put one foot in front of the other
And can now stand on his own two feet.

Setting out on the right foot
For him is just getting his feet wet,
But with the world at his feet
Finding that the shoe fits
Has required thinking on his feet
While keeping his feet on the ground.

So don't drag your feet or get underfoot,
Don't be on your back foot,
Or have the rug pulled out from under your feet.
Don't put your foot down or keep putting your feet up.
Don't dig your heels in or get itchy feet.
Don't step on any toes or say "my foot" to what's new.

But rather be fleet of foot, foot the bill when you can
And put your foot to the floor.
Avoid cold feet and being dead on your feet.
Don't let the grass grow under your feet.
Stay footloose and fancy free, kick up your heels
And set them all back on their heels.

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti