Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 26
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Bottoms Up to Chakra Yoga

The Chakras (Sanskrit for "wheels") of the yogic body are imaginary energy portals that facilitate auto-physiology and auto-psychophysics.  The portals are three-dimensional with spectral glow associated with the flux of spacial energies (imagined in the mind) as a means of inspection and transformation of function, health and cooperation of discrete bodily systems along common neural pathways.  One may also consider chakras holistically to align the spine, body and spirit.  To enhance the heat-energy of the self, one might imagine breathing in atmospheric gold and combining it with the energy absorbed from the red root and blossom it up through to the violet crown.  Yogis may chant each om mantra (om in the gut + "oh" in the chest + "umm" in the head) thrice (or 108 times for the devout) to assure periodicity of contemplative communication with each chakra site, then chant the entire series of chakra oms with overall alignment intent.  This is best done with a warm body and a clear mind after an hour long session of strenuous yoga (or for those thinking it silly, after a couple glasses of wine).

Table of Chakra affiliations:
# Symbol Portal Shape Color Name Location Mantra Yogic Association
Red Root Coccyx Lum Foundation Legs, bowels & bladder
Orange Sacral Sacrum Vum Virility & transformation Gut, gonads & spleen
3 Yellow Solar
Core Ram Breath & manifestation Bronchi, kidneys & bile
4 Green Heart Chest Yum Pulse & integration Heart, thyroid & liver
5 Cyan Throat Brain stem Hum Speech & ascension Mouth, neck & arms
6 Indigo Third eye Cerebrum Shum Perception & inter-dimensionality Eyes, nose & ears
7 Violet Crown Cerebellum Om Cognition & oneness Brain

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