Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 25
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Herb's Garden


                                                                      If you're taking leaves from a thyme plant are you working over thyme?
If an old Sherlock Holmes movie is on your backyard tablet is Basil in the garden?
Is being told how to manage a spice garden really sage advice?
Could a hellish garden clone become Rosemarie's daughter?
If you cast away a garden's spicy actress, might it be ginger?
Has his anise become the butt of your friend's garden jokes?
Could you get caraway with a crazy dish?
Does anybody knows who's cumin or who's leavin'?
If you're short on spice will there be sorrel in the morning?
If your spicy Indian food impresses your boss did you curry favor?
If you don't like the food in Portland, is it oregano for you?
If the pastor said each male pastry chef has done wrong, is it cinnamon?
If a grower is weeding a pickley patch, is there a farmer in the dill?
If you want to spice up a note on mother's day, do you send cardamom?
In Gone With the Wind, when they ran out of spice, was it tarragon?
If you make a perfect julep, is it in mint condition?
If you fry up some spicy dough, could it be a fennel cake?
If you are bugging me to flavor some buns, are you trying to sesame?
If you allow only one spice from a group of suppliers, are you holding them at bay?
In baseball, if you eat a little yellow rice while on base, was it saffron first?
If it's paprika in the pot, did Dad's gut poke imply that the stew was too bland?
Do people who use citrus rind in their medicine have a zest for life?
If you ask Cory's buddies to help cook, could it be coriander friends?

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