Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 20
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Military Intelligence

Anderson and Black found amongst the Dragon Bones
Many of homo erectus, as well as tools of stone,
Which were packed and taken to Beijing
Where US Marines were to ship them with esteem.
In 1941, Japanese took Camp Holcomb and the foot-lockers hiding the fossils,
Unknowingly resulting in an anthropological loss of proportions colossal.

In 1792, French Revolutionaries commandeered and made happen
That the 70-meter-long Bayeaux Tapestry went over a wagon.
Fortunately, it was recognized by a police commissioner
Who ordered recovery and a replacement canvas cover.
The 1000-year old embroidery still depicts the Norman conquest of England
And now resides in the Bayeaux Museum near where D-day began.

Oliver Cromwell, General of Horse and Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England
In 1649, melted down the original Crown Jewels of England for coin,
Including the ninth and eleventh century crowns of Alfred the Great and Queen Edith.
After two civil wars, Royalists returned to power and dug up Cromwell's corporeal pith
That was hung up in chains and beheaded; the head being held as a valuable vestige
Before finally coming to rest under a plaque at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. 

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