Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 16
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It's All Greek To Me...or...Σ π = Sum Pi...or...Rho, Rho, Rho Your Boat

Α [Alpha] bet soup can be eaten while flat on your back
Depending upon your α [angle of attack]
Β [Beta] be good like Johnny
If you have high β [sound intensity]
Γ [Gamma] and grandpa might send you fruit cake
Depending upon your current γ [specific weight]
Δ [Delta] living is good at Giusti's pier
Unless your tip has a deleterious δ [percent error]
Ε [Epsilon] wit' me baggage won't ye?
'Cause I see yer a redcap wit' ε [permittivity]
Ζ [Zeta] good example for your kiddies
And consume your food with little ζ [vorticity]
Η [Eta] lot of spicy food at sin city
And now our blood has high η [viscosity]
Θ [Theta] been one heck of a wrangle
With a herd of horns at a precarious θ [angle]
Ι [Iota] give your head a fist sized indentation
Or sock you so hard it'll determine your ι [orbital inclination]
Κ [Kappa] the bottle of bubbly mister pitcher
Before it effects your slider's κ [curvature]
Λ [Lambda] is a ram of ovine psychic strength
And his shepherd shares the same λ [wavelength]
"Μ [Mu]," complained the kitten
"Your petting has too high a μ [coefficient of friction]"
Ν [Nu] revelations often come
With limited ν [degrees of freedom]
Ξ [Xi]'d by side we'll peramble
Guided by any ol' ξ [random variable]
Ο [Omicron] nick bad habits and libations
Might doom me with nary a ο [little o notation]
Π [Pi] can be apple, cherry, rhubarb, pecan, peach, apricot or berry
But π [3.1416...] of them is hard to divvy up fairly
P [Rho] boating in fog has a propensity
For collision, depending upon its ρ [density]
Σ [Sigma] 'n Freud thought that man has a predilection
For psychosis and non σ [standard deviation]
Τ [Tau] art the bottle I'd uncork
With a gentle tug and a bit of the τ [torque]
Υ [Upsilon] side with you in such propinquity
That I've fallen for you due to the shared υ [frequency]
Φ [Phi] for your right to date in a tux
For it will surely enhance your φ [magnetic flux]
Χ [Chi] brr pass is 3500 foot high and chilly
As a relationship filled with χ [electronegativity]
Ψ [Psi] ents fiction can be so twisty that it'll gnaw
At you and cause you to roll and to ψ [yaw]
Ω [Omega] me so mad that I will whirl so swiftly
That Taz will be jealous of my ω [angular velocity]

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti