Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 14
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Piping Engineers Work Best with Low Stress

He's a piper, she's a piper, I'm a piper
Wouldn't you like to be a piper too?
Who knows, maybe it'll befit you.

Pipers plot the machinations
That let flow the cracking, reactions,
Distillation and tanking of volatile fractions.

A red hot piper asks engineering fellows
To resolve stress and strain wows
With guidance and a few bent elbows.

Increased pressure requires butt welding
And flanging with a lot more class rating
Despite the CADD stand-up stationing.

When things get shaky a piper might clamp,
Strut or snub in an effort to damp
A reciprocating compressor line revamp.

Pipers reinforce headers at the branch holes,
They draft checks and drop gates for isolation goals,
And around the globe they bypass controls.

The bigger the pipe the thicker the wall
With boring from a standard schedule scrawl
Or from a custom specification call.

If your lines get too long you'll have to loop 'em,
If they wander you might need to anchor and guide 'em,
And if they're offset you might just have to hang 'em.

When running a line on uneven terrain
You miter, or you might not, if you gain
Elevation with shoes or hang it from chain.

After a temporary connection one lets a swing elbow dangle,
Or drops a spool if you can't get the right angle,
Or you could just vent and blind with a spectacle wrangle.

Piping field material control bags and tags
Studs, nuts, couplings, forged unions, rods, angle, wire rope,
Swaged nipples, screwed fittings, plugs, tape and dope -
While dreaming that becoming a piper might be more than just hope.

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti