Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 8
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Proto-Indo-European (When we all spoke PIE)

Linguists say that there is no PIE
(There's just no historical evidence to go by)
But still they reconstructed it to tie Proto-Italic
To Proto-Celtic, -Germanic and -Slavic
Together with other mid-eastern Proto-ese
That originated somewhere north of the Black Sea
(although the salmon argument says it was Baltic).
The Kurgans with their horses migrated many klicks
And their PIE diverged along the way
To evolve into the many daughter languages of today.

PIE likely had complex morphology, resonants,
Ablauts, declension and conjugation.
Laryngealists made PIE fantastique
And added Hittite via coefficients sonantiques.

PIE grew with morphological marker presence
Signaling syntactic relationships within a sentence.
PIE likely had pitch accent and its morphemes inherent inflectional tone;
Word tone evolution made it the fusional language of the Indo-European zone.

PIE people patrilocality is confirmed by lexical evidence.
PIE philosophy focused on the harmony and order of worldly existence.
PIE speakers had bronze, wheels, weaving, knots, farming, fishing,
Goats and sheep but wealth was measured by number of cow tails swishing.

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