Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 7
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Euler's Naturally Number One

Newton's laws of motion
Figure in our devotion
To Isaac, the Lord of calculus
And gravity's Earthly attractiveness.

Max and Al partnered the Planck-Einstein relation
That set the photon energy to frequency proportion.
They also played music together in the den;
One playing piano and other violin.

Schrodinger's cat is both dead and alive
In a box with unpredictable radiation.
Erwin is the father of quantum mechanics and derived
The equation for system wave function evolution.

Leonhard's works include equations for beams,
Buckling, inviscid flow and musical theory.
Euler diagrams are used to show syllogisms logically
And the Euler method is still used to solve some ODE's*.

Newton, Einstein, Planck and Schrodinger
Formulated important fundamental laws of nature.
But Euler's identity contains one, none, e, i and pi;
Making him...the most mathematically elegant guy.

*ODE's = Orinary Differential Equations

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti