Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 4
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Reservation for a Byte


A digital word has byte endianess:
Little-endian numeric significance increases with address
(Opposite of the order Big-endian employs);
Therefore, 01 big-endian equals 10 little-endian [boy!].

The Lilliputian emperor mandated a soft boiled eggshell
Be opened only from the little end, and so
The big endians all fled to the isle of Blefusco
Where they could crack the code without quell.

Big Blue was big-endian and little-endian was Intel;
Some codes are  mixed-endian, middle-endian or bi-endian as well.
Old ARM processors had half little-endian/half big-endian floating point representation
But CANopen parameters are little-endian with no reservation.

Early endianess issues resulted in the NUXI rift,
But there is no endian problem while in a TIFF
Because a reader can swap bytes
Depending upon some explicit signature sites.

Bit endianess is for transmission order over a serial medium
[And if you should enjoy your breakfast news drier],
Berkeley socket functions can convert protocol host order over wire
[But such unusual little bitty handling can be an awful tedium].

Thankfully, a byte order mark signals the endianess of a stream
And that puts teeth into the ending of this "bye endian" scheme.

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti