Joe Pivetti's Poetry, Haiku and Poesy: Poem 1
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Namaste Means Hello

Yoga is Sanskrit for (spirit, mind, body and divine) "union".
Buddhists incorporated meditation and position
With diverse stretching and isometric exercise.
All help activate and align our Chakra sites.
Yoga is meant to enlighten.
Energy emission and absorption is heightened,
The body warms and loosens,
While the mind focuses on breathing.
Just breathing.

After several passes through asanas
We feel that the path to nirvana's
Both comforting and taxing,
And well worth the reward of relaxing.
"You've made it to Savasana, so
Release onto your mat and let it all go."

[flute music plays while balsam fills the air]

"Now reawaken your body oh so slow.
Start wiggling your fingers and toes.
Then circle ankles and wrists right and then left.
Give yourself a wall to wall stretch.
Roll over to your favorite side and then
Find your way to a comfortable seated position."

[a spiritual silence]

"Bring your hands together;
Palms inward and fingers high.
Bring them to your heart center,
Then to your third eye.
Bow forward to seal your practice.  Namaste.
You are on the right path today."

Copyright 2019 by Joe Pivetti